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Project: Ultimate Performance Analysis Tool


uPATO (Ultimate Performance Analysis Tool) is a new application for network analysis oriented to team sports but it can be used with other kinds of networks.
It allows codifying, importing, visualizing, computing measures and exporting data from the observed network.

The general idea of the uPATO tool is to innovate in the way how match analysis is performed and used in team sports, for example in football. The uPATO tool allows the introduction of data based on adjacency matrices and integrates the several metrics used for team sports analysis. Usually, each author presents a tool with their metrics but the uPATO tool integrates all metrics available for graphs and digraphs, weighted or not.



 We need your help! We are working on SoccerSketch 3.0 and to reach our goal to create the most useful coach assistant tool, we need your expertise.


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You know best which features are needed, which are important and which are a must have. So with your help we will be creating an awesome new version of SoccerSketch. When we start with the development we will inform you on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and/or E-mail, so you will be on the line with the progress we are making.