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Ser criativo no desporto

O “Desenvolvimento de contextos facilitadores do comportamento criativo em jovens desportistas” é o tema que Sara Santos vai apresentar no próximo webinar da Escola de Treinadores, já no próximo dia 29 de novembro, terça-feira, das 21 às 23 horas.

A formação é creditada com 0,4 UC para TPTD, online, gratuita, aberta para todos e de inscrição obrigatória.

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33th EUPEA Forum in Leiria European

Join the largest community of Physical Education (PE) teachers in Europe for 2 working days. The Forum includes time to share and work the situation of PE in Europe and to present the Projects run by EUPEA and its partners.

A special Symposium on Physical Literacy is being organized to present the conceptual, political and pedagogical aspects. The link between research, teaching, physical literacy and physical education is the core of this event. We are looking to discuss and share with you in the framework of European education and its key competences.

During these two days You will have time to meet and network with PE teachers from all over Europe. We are also looking forward to welcoming You for an interesting social programme. What about visiting the Nazaré Wave, for an example.

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European Physical Education Observatory

In order to accomplish EuPEO’s work programme for a three-year length, a collaborative partnership between several european PE and sport professional and scientific organisations was formed.
As specified in Erasmus+ Programme Guide, a Sport Collaborative Partnerships aim promoting the integrity of Sport (anti-doping, fight against match fixing, protection of minors), supporting innovative approaches to implement EU principles on good governance in sport, EU strategies in the area of social inclusion and equal opportunities, encouraging participation in sport and physical activity (supporting the implementation of EU Physical Activity Guidelines, volunteering, employment in sport as well as education and training in sport), and supporting the implementation of the EU guidelines on dual careers of athletes.

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